J Maxine MacGwyre is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Certified Laser Safety Officer and practice owner of SkinRevision located in the Sundial Courtyard in Carefree, AZ, just next door to Carefree Town Hall. She has been focusing on sustaining healthful beauty since she earned her BS in Nutrition from California State Los Angeles in the early 1980’s. She combines her knowledge of nutrition with the latest skin care technologies to bring a uniquely holistic approach to her patients skin care. Maxine has focused her practice in the discipline of Collagen Stimulation Therapy, also known as MicroNeedling, due to its effectiveness in skin rejuvenation by aiding with the mitigation of laxity, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.

She is a Certified Treatment Provider for Dermapen, recognized as the world leader in MicroNeedling technology with 70% market share globally.

In addition to MicroNeedling, Maxine also offers: Oxygen Treatment, SWiCH™ Dermal Rejuvenation, DermaFile (suctionless, crystal free MicroDerm), Custom Facials, Acne Control Treatments, Epress (Mini) Facials, DermaPlaning and No-Peel Peels.

She is a native of Los Angeles, California and also enjoyed living in Manhattan for several years. In her free time she enjoys the company of her friends, good wine and live Blues.


  • MillieOThe greatest compliment I can give Maxine is: a woman at a meeting I was attending the other day walked over from the other side of the room to tell me I have beautiful skin and asked me what I used, I gave her Maxine’s card! You have taken years off of me and given me a nice glow! Thank you so much Maxine you’re amazing!!!!–Millie Oakeson, Glendale, AZ

  • I have been MicroNeedling with Maxine for about a year now, and using the products she recommends. I can really see a difference in my skin. It looks and feels healthier. My husband has commented several times that he can see a difference.–Laura Turner, Carefree, AZ

  • Susanne-WilsonMaxine is so knowledgeable that you can trust her 100%. I’ve gone to her just before public appearances & filming, and my skin glowed.–Susanne Wilson, Carefree, AZ

  • My skin has been completely transformed. It is brighter and smoother. Thank you Maxine for the excellent work you do! I highly recommend it to any one that wants to improve their skin.–Sheila O’Connell, Phoenix, AZ

  • Photo of Tatum DavisFor the first time in my life, the other day I got multiple comments on my skin!!  I credit you (Maxine) 100%. Thank you for everything.–Tatum Davis, Phoenix, AZ

  • Patricia Siroky pictureMaxine is the bomb! I have been working with her for over a year. My skin looks so much healthier! My friends say that I have found the fountain of youth. Following her instructions are key as buying and using the products she suggests. I have been in the esthetic industry and know what a gem I found in Maxine. She is the real deal. I highly recommend her!–Patrica Siroky, Scottsdale, AZ

  • Wonderful facial! I appreciate how Maxine took the time to teach me about my skin type before the facial, it was really helpful and enlightening. The facial was relaxing; I could feel all the benefits my skin was getting as she worked. I left with my skin looking and feeling great. She also taught me how to keep taking care of it correctly — a great experience!–Virginia Clark, Phoenix, AZ

  • I have been working with Maxine for a little over a year and my skin is so much healthier, brighter, and smoother looking. The treatments and the product lines she offers are exceptional. Her approach is holistic as she thinks about everything I do and how it might affect my skin. And then, considering my lifestyle, activity, preferences, and where I am living it at the time (as I reside in two completely different geographies), she recommended a skincare home protocol and products that fit easily into my daily routine and budget. I completely trust Maxine’s expertise, which goes way beyond skin, and I am grateful to have her as part of my healthy-life care team.–Frances Jones, Seattle, WA